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Here at Pork Choppers Aviation we utilize the Robinson family of helicopter for our hunts.


We choose these helicopters for a number of reasons. The R44 allows us to fly folks weighing up to 280 pounds and adds the ability to fly two shooters at once from one bird. Their small size and simple design maximizes efficiency and allows us the ability to trailer to private ranches that are outside of our flight range. With larger groups we are also able to bring in multiple R44 helicopters!


Having two helicopters for helicopter hunting is a no brainer in terms of depredation success. Being small and agile as a team is the ultimate means of helping our landowners control the feral hog. Being able to fly 4 or more shooters at a time makes us the perfect choice for any group size...from a single shooter to a corporate group, we're always the right choice for your helicopter hog hunting adventure! 

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