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General Information


Are you insured?

- Absolutely! We carry a $1 million liability coverage.


When can I go helicopter hog hunting?

- We operate year round! We take off November-January in order to be respectful to our areas' many deer hunters. The late spring/summer months can be unpredictable in terms of weather. If this is the only time that will work for you, however, you should plan on staying an extra day or two, just in case. We do not fly if the wind is blowing over 20-25 kts and gusting.


How many pigs can I kill?

- We take pride in keeping our numbers as high as possible. You can expect to shoot at least 8-12 animals each on your helicopter hog hunting trip. We are constantly adding new acreage in order to ensure the highest numbers possible for you guys. It is not uncommon at all to exceed the aforementioned average, but we like to underpromise and over deliver!


Do you provide ammo?

- You bet! The ammunition for the weapons is included with your booking price.


Can we bring our own weapons/What do you provide for the helicopter hog hunting?

- We prefer that you use our weapons as they're properly rigged for safety. Don't worry, they are as nice as anyone could ask for! We take great pride in them and ensure that they are professionally cleaned for the utmost reliability. You'll be using the top-quality Daniel Defense DDM4v7s chambered in .223.


What is the policy for weather cancellations?

- The last thing we want to do is send you away without having flown your helicopter hog hunt. We will be watching the weather for any risk of delay and keep you posted. We like to recommend for our long distance folks that have flown in to plan on staying a day extra. Even if you don't need it you can find something fun to do in the Ft. Worth/Dallas area while you await flight departure! That being said, if the weather is not going to let up, we will either reschedule you at no charge, or refund your deposit for your inconvenience. With lighter weather it is possible that a window of flight opportunity will open, so we'll sit tight and jump on the first opportunity we get! note: cancellations due to issues on the clients' end are handled on a case-by-case basis. We definitely want to get you in the air, but repeated cancellations or cancellations with no attempt to rebook within a year will be subject to our contract verbiage that forfeits the amount paid in advance.


What is done with the dead hogs/coyotes?

- We try to arrange for as much of the meat to go to a good cause as possible. Due to the liability risk incurred by many of the homeless shelters and food banks, most wild hog meat is rejected from potential transmission of disease. Before you jump to the conclusion that it's wasted; however, remember that there are thousands of animals in the wild that need food, too, and the meat is most definitely not wasted! Most of the animals that happen to be left afield are gone in a matter of 2-4 days.


What will we be flying in?

- We currently utilize multiple Robinson R44 Raven II helicopters for helicopter hog hunting. With their handling capabilities they are the ultimate "Pork Choppers".


What is the nearest airport to your FOB?

- This will completely depend on the size of your group and the location we will be flying that time of year. We do our best to make this as logistically easy and painless as possible, so each group could be better off flying into different locations.


What type of territory are we shooting in?

- We have an incredibly diverse helicopter hog hunting area. From dense brush in river bottoms to cultivated land to mesquite and prickly pear-covered pasture to lake grounds. We have continuous acreage in Haskell, Jones, Knox and Stonewall counties. We have put forth an incredible effort in gathering this area. Most properties are 100-500 acres in size so you can imagine how many papers are filed to reach the over 1,000,000 acre mark! We are constantly adding new land to ensure you a successful shoot.


How is safe weapon handling ensured?

- We provide hands on training prior to the shoot. We observe your handling comfort and tailor your instruction accordingly. We only use weapons platforms that we are extremely comfortable with and have expertise in handling so that we can relay that knowledge to our gunner.


What are the age/weight limitations?

- We require our shooters to be at least 15 years of age for safety purposes. In the R44 the seatweight limit is 280 pounds. This weight is fully clothed, and there will be NO EXCEPTIONS. If you're over the weight limit, your deposit is forfeit, and you'll be sent home without going up. Please monitor the scale accordingly. Also, if one shooter is pushing the weight threshold, whomever is shooting with him will need to be under 220 pounds (500 pound combined weight). This is important! It's all to do with being as safe as possible and not being overweight during these low-level flights.


What should we bring with us?

- The only things you'll need are proper clothing (pending weather conditions). If it's warmer weather you'll be fine with nothing more than shorts/jeans and a short sleeved shirt. If it's cold you'll definitely want wind-blocking clothing that's warm. Sitka makes some of the best wind-blocking gear there is, and is what we wear on cold days. If you can cut the wind, you cut the cold! Don't confuse warm with bulky though! The last thing you want is to look like a real-life portrayal of the boy on A Christmas Story! Some other items you may want are a hat/beanie, sunshades for the wind and gloves that allow weapon operation.


Why should I fly with Pork Choppers?

- Bottom line... we are going to do whatever it takes to leave you awed. Our goal is nothing short of being the best in helicopter hog hunting. The best in terms of helping our area's landowners; the best in terms of helicopter hog shooting. We are a fun-loving group of guys that want to show you what it's all about while giving you the freedom to pick the weapons of your dreams for the hunt of a lifetime! Give Pork Choppers Aviation a's a decision you'll NEVER regret!

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