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Helicopter Hog Hunting>>

It's time for some Pork Choppin'


What you're here for...the big show...our specialty. As you know feral hogs are reproducing exponentially, and millions in damage they cause is constantly rising. With well over 2 million hogs estimated to be in Texas, we've got our work cut out... and that's where you come in! It's been scientifically proven that to maintain the current hog population that 70%-80% must be harvested each year!!!


There's no more effective means to drastically cut hog numbers than this...and being the gunner tends to cause uncontrollable satisfaction and happiness. From single shooters to large corporate groups, we are prepared to give your crew the hunt of a lifetime!

We operate out of R44 Raven II helicopters and can have multiple on location for large parties. 

We've been doing this for over 10 years and after 100's of clients have never had a dissatisfied client/group. We take extra care to ensure that we have enough property to always have successful hunts, and we never take our guests to overflown properties. We are also the only company that has 100's of our flights documented through video on our Youtube channel to prove our consistent success!

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