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Helicopter hog hunting, predator control, and coyote depredation
Predator Control

As any landowner knows, feral hogs aren't the only predator problem we face. Coyotes can cause major issues with the eating of calves for our ranchers as well as fawns for our hunters. Foxes and bobcats can also be problematic as a landowner. If you're needing to take control and get the population of these animals in check quickly, there is no better means than the use of a helicopter, and NOBODY does it better than us! Let us eliminate your problem the fastest and most effective way possible. We can even provide the service at NO COST TO THE LANDOWNER!

Cattle Work

When you've got cattle spread thin through big pasture and you need them gathered quickly, there's no faster means of doing so than via helicopter. Our pilots have unprecedented experience gathering cattle. Rest assured we can get the job done as quickly as possible while putting as little strain on your herd as possible.

Cattle work and helicopter hog hunting
Game surveys and helicopter hog hunting
Game Surveys

The use of a helicopter is the best and only way to get accurate counts of your wild game. We use all of the features on our GPS equipment to ensure your counts are as efficiently done as possible. No matter your land area, we can give you an idea of your populations' health, size and year-to-year growth. With our R44 you have the ability to have multiple passengers, so you're able to join your wildlife biologist if you so choose. We can provide help for the count should you not elect to ride along. Call us today to start managing your wildlife the right way!

Pipeline Patrol/Location Surveys

With the current growth in the oil field of our area, we're standing at the ready to help in any way possible. Whether surveying for a new pipeline or checking the status of an existing one, give us a call and we'll get it done as efficiently as possible!

pipeline patrol and helicopter hog hunting
Raptor Surveys

With years of experience working with wildlife biologists to survey large properties ahead of a variety of projects, you can trust us to get the job done as efficiently as possible. Utilizing a combination of the latest geographical technology and a background in the industry, we're able to input accurate transects to ensure the most thorough survey possible. 


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