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The Fall Helicopter Hog Hunting Kickoff

Okay... let's kick this thing off with our first group of the Fall. I get an email from a guy about 5 months ago, and he seems to be from abroad. This isn't anything new, but I always do my due diligence. Now, I try to be a trusting human-being who doesn't fall into I gave them a call. After talking to him and creeping Facebook I found that the group was coming in from Israel..a good ol' 'Merican ally. Before you go screaming any sort of prejudices, let me inform you of the countless death threats we receive on our Youtube channel that I sift through on a day-to-day basis. Trust me, my curiosity was warranted. Back to the story... the hunt date was quickly approaching and lo-and-behold there's an 80% chance of rain that morning (just like the chance is this Saturday). Go figure, right? The good thing with the best State in the world, though... wait a little while and the weather will change! We delayed takeoff until 9:00 am, and the rain let up enough for the hunt. One thing I get a kick out of...and I mean I laugh my ass off... is when someone speaking broken English gets around Gid. He, like myself, always seems to revert to Spanish when trying to simplify what is being said (we live in Texas after all). Hearing him ask if the shooter is "Bueno?" about killed me! Anyhow, these two guys went up and had a HELL of a hunt! 42 hogs and 4 coyotes for two shooters in 2 hours? Yeah, that's the Pork Choppers way. Pretty cool when you get to meet foreigners in this business. The awe and amazement they have for the laws and privileges we have in Texas make a man really step back and think about how fortunate we are in America. Not to mention them getting to rock the new Black Rain Ordnance "Merica" gun! These two men were a ton of fun, and I consider them my friends. I hope to have them back in the future! (PS the video of their hunt will be up both normal and mother flippin' 360°, dude!)

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