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Seeing the Future & a Motivating Heli Hunt

So a little over a week ago I get a text at 3:42am... it's from Gid and asks how many hunts we have on the books. Now, this isn't my first rodeo and I knew he and Emmett had to be burning the midnight oil and planning an empire. Turns out they were planning on moving to Australia. When I found out the details the next day it was around 1:10pm. At the same time Gid texted me that Emmett was in and we should book an extra shooter. NINE MINUTES LATER I get an email from Dane asking about a hunt that weekend! We got him booked... I had to call Gid and let him know he drank enough to ALMOST see the future! haha. Anyhow, Dane gets there, and he turns out to be one bad mo fo. This dude is "bound" (and I say that SUPER LOOSELY) to a wheelchair and has done more extreme stuff than I ever will. He scuba dives, HALO and HAHO jumps, etc. and now has added helicopter hog hunting to the portfolio. He won't let you help him with shit. No help with the chair or getting in and out of the chopper. No help loading up in the van. Nada. Moral of the story? Don't ever let anything hold you back. Figure out what you want, and go get it. No excuses. No complaints. Just get it.

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